Migration Assessment sprint: 3-week Assessment

NTT Limited

Reduce cost, plan for IT modernization, and understand total cost of ownership for Azure adoption.

To successfully adopt Azure, you must first understand what IT you are currently using, including infrastructure and applications. You must also understand the current vs predicted utilisation of the IT systems and how this correlates to business demand. In many cases, IT is over-provisioned and moving like for like to Azure will present commercial risks and in-efficiencies.

The engagement is executed using one 3-week agile iteration.

  • Hybrid Migration Assessment Sprint, leverages our tooling and process to perform a non-intrusive discovery of your IT systems, coupled with recommendations for how to migrate to Azure with a total cost of ownership based on actual needs. Includes three 2-hour workshops to review the discovery process, pre-requisites and any known issues within the environment to be discovered followed by a post assessment review to analyse the findings, recommendations and next steps.

The commercials provided are for an assessment up-to 300 systems. NTT Ltd. can provide options for fewer or more systems. Please contact us for more information.

The result is a report detailing the migration suitability, considerations and inventory data to support Azure adoption. Crucially this is an agile collaboration with knowledge sharing, documentation, and resources to help your teams get the skills they need for long-term business agility and maturity on Azure.