Cloud Security Assessment 1 month assessment

Eacs Ltd

The eacs Azure Cloud Security Assessment delivers the analysis and visibility organisations need to detect, respond, and prevent security and compliance gaps that leave them exposed.

Cloud Security Assessment

The eacs Cloud Security Assessment provides deep insight into your Azure cloud security posture so you can continue to expand your Cloud footprint with confidence. Powered by Sophos Cloud Optix and the Azure Security Center, it protects organisations from the next generation of automated public cloud cyberattacks using next generation security techniques. It enables organisations to accurately visualise and secure their Azure cloud infrastructure continuously and confidently. The 30 day assessment will cover areas such as:

· Unusual user access
· Cloud provider API calls
· Configuration changes
· Network topology and traffic flow visualisation
· Assessment against common compliance benchmarks such as ISO 27001 and GDPR

A report is created and based on the information obtained from the assessment, eacs will provide clear, actionable recommendations to improve your Azure cloud security posture and work with your IT teams to remediate against any discovered vulnerabilities, and support you in getting your Cloud in order.