eBECS FastThings: 5-Wk Implementation

eBECS Limited

*Embrace the Internet of Things and create innovative business solutions in a matter of weeks.*
• Turn your IoT ideas in to reality • Packaged set of services and off the shelf hardware aimed at delivering powerful functionality within weeks instead of months • Capable of building solutions which use Advanced Analytics and Machine learning to monitor, capture and analyse activity • Create Actions which generate transactions in your LOB system • Built on the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite • Co-built with you • The hardware, processes and interfaces are all built interactively • Delivered in weeks, not months **Ideation Workshop** * Perform an IoT Quick Start Consultation * Understand your business needs * Procure the hardware * Define the functionality * Deliver a Proof of Concept (PoC) * Estimates for final build **Production Build** * Update experiences and processes * Build the platform and interfaces * Integrate with existing systems **Deploy** * Deploy solution in the customer’s environment * Two weeks of post go-live support **Handover** * Transition solution ownership to the customer * Training focused on maintaining and extending the solution **Examples of Deliverables Include:** * Asset Tracking * Resource Optimisation * Lone Worker Solutions * Footfall Analysis * Building Management **Note** Typical Engagement is less than 6 weeks! * 2 weeks for Ideation Workshop * 3 weeks for Production Build * 2 days for Deploy * 2 days for Handover Contact us via info@ebecs.com for more information