MSBI FastTrack - 2 hr Briefing

Elait Ltd

Automate SSIS Package Generation, Integration, Deployment & Execution

Most organizations struggle to prepare and use their valuable data for the intended purpose resulting in inflated TCO due to non-optimal DWH practices. Automate the creation of SSIS Packages to expedite project delivery, increase productivity, apply industry best practices and reduce TCO. Bulk package generation allows 100s Of SSIS-Packages to be generated, deployed, checked into Azure DevOps and executed within an hour.

Elait has created MSBI Fast Track application to metadata drive the generation of single or multiple SSIS Packages exposing comprehensive functionality and leveraging industry best practices without handcrafting SSIS Packages.

  • This fast tracks migrations to SQL Server Platforms, escalates Project delivery, reduces risk, cuts costs via substantial reductions in code build and test timings to expedite time to market.
  • It guarantees reliable adherence to best practices and consistency of build. End to End Data Lineage is available with full audit of data sources, data destinations and transformations throughout the data journey.
  • Since there is no manual creation of SSIS Packages, developers are freed up for more productive activities

The topics covered are

  • Introduction to Elait & expertise
  • Solution Overview
  • Brief walkthrough on solution capability
  • Discussion on client bottlenecks & next steps