Higher Edu Data & AI: 15-Day Solution Assessment


This Data & AI Assessment is intended to help Higher Education institutes plan the modernisation of their data estate in Azure by providing recommendations and next steps for their cloud journey.

There’s a tremendous amount of value locked inside data, however, extracting all that value is no easy task. There are many challenges that stand in the way of turning an organisation’s data into business impact. The task of building an analytics strategy that aligns with the enterprise goals, improves knowledge management, empowers business users by making the best use of information, enables analytics penetration into the business processes, and helps with strategic, tactical, and operational decision making is an essential building block in today’s competitive market. With a focus on accelerated Azure service adoption, this Data & Analytics Solution Assessment is designed to discover the essential components of the analytics strategy to enable the vision of driving better business performance by empowering all in the enterprise to be able to do their job effectively using analytics as a natural part of their daily work. Through a series of collaborative workshops aimed at understanding your current business strategy, analytics maturity, opportunity catalogue, current and future data sources, this assessment will build out a future-state analytics architecture and roadmap to leveraging the power of Azure modern data platform services.

Deliverable The deliverable in this engagement is the Final Assessment Report, which summarizes the data analysis and makes key next steps recommendations not just on the technology, but on the people and process aspects of adoption as well. Each project recommendation should clearly articulate the value proposition for undertaking the project.