Azure Cloud Migration: 4-Wk Light Assessment


We provide end-to-end services for Microsoft Azure cloud migration projects: cloud adoption projects is a journey, from assessment, to transformation & migration, to continuous optimization.

The light assessment helps your organization in defining Microsoft Azure cloud migration approach and options by involving relevant stakeholders and assessing your internal IT landscape. In particular, we define application profiles by identifying application size, mapping existing dependencies, identify data repositories and integrations and resource usage trends.

During the light assessment, we will outline the following key elements: Identify the scope and context for Microsoft Azure Migration

  • Identify Biz context and goals
  • Regulations, Processes and applications inventory
  • High-level drivers for migration prioritization

Assess the Scope for Microsoft Azure Migration

  • Define Assessment techniques
  • Assess the architecture
  • Identify the workload used resources
  • Identify constraints and dependencies graph
  • Analyze Data lifecycle
  • Consider security aspects

Analyze the Scope for Microsoft Azure Migration

  • Classify from the Business and Users PoV
  • Classify the Cloud App readiness
  • Identify Cloud Migration Suitable Applications
  • Prioritize workload migration

Please note that the activity may be extended in order to respond to specific requirements / needs required by the Client; cost and length of this activity may hence vary accordingly.