Enterprise Blockchain Discovery: 1-Day Assessment

Envision Blockchain Solutions

Participants of this workshop will learn the Benefits and Values gained by conducting their Business utilizing Blockchain Solutions.

“How does this technology change and improve my business?” It’s often challenging to adopt emerging technologies due to the change management and risk involved. However, in today’s time, it’s important to keep your team informed and aligned with cutting edge technology to make an informed decision. With over 90% of the Fortune 500 leveraging the best-in-class Microsoft Cloud platform, Microsoft Azure takes the rigor out of technology and allows your business to focus on...business. Envision Blockchain offers an Enterprise Blockchain Discovery Day in order to help answer the famous question, “Do I Need Blockchain” and if so, how can Microsoft Azure help?


  • Blockchain Immersion Lab to understand and experience Blockchain Technology
  • Business Problem Assessment
  • Use Case Discovery


  • Blockchain 101 Training: Topics include types of Blockchains, Immutability of Data, Smart Contracts, Consensus Algorithms, etc.
  • Experience how Microsoft Azure Resources are involved.
  • Visualization of Blockchain Data via Microsoft Power BI
  • Understand your Business Network
  • Discuss Data Sources
  • Map out Processes
  • Lay out Value Streams
  • Answer the “Need for Blockchain”