Azure Start Up Solution: 5-Day Implementation


Ergo's Microsoft Azure Start-Up Solution: Get started the right way.

Ergo's Microsoft Azure Start-Up Solution is the ideal introduction to the cloud. Face your biggest business challenges with a future-ready platform – one that is scalable, cost-effective and secure.

Why Ergo?

  • An introduction to Microsoft Azure to get your business up and running in the cloud.
  • Best practice recommendations for Azure management scenario’s by Ergo’s Microsoft Azure MVP.
  • Trained & confident IT staff that is ready for a cloud journey. They will be able to build servers and move services to the Azure.
  • Experience the benefits of the cloud to make a well-informed decision on how to proceed with your cloud journey

During our 5-day engagement you realise the benefits in 4 simple steps.

Step 1

Build & configure a new Azure subscription Your Azure subscription is a private container where Azure workloads are grouped and billed. The Azure Portal provides administrative access to your subscription and this is where new services, servers, storage and other resources are managed.

Step 2

Connect Azure to your on-premises network To run your workloads in Azure, virtual networking needs to be configured - this can include VNets, Subnets, Network Security Groups and a VPN Gateway. The VPN Gateway can create a secure tunnel back to your on-premises network, allowing private access to the new cloud environment.

Step 3

Virtual machine in the cloud Ergo will build the first virtual machines in the new Azure environment and we'll connect it to your new virtual networking configuration. The virtual machines can be deployed in a test or production scenario and provide an ideal platform for you to get familiar with cloud-based workloads.

Step 4

Training & Documentation by one of our Microsoft MVPs

Once the Azure environment is up and running, Ergo will provide training and run-book documentation, covering the existing configuration and recommended best practices for effective and efficient Azure administration.