Inetum (HO)

Support for the implementation of a modern data analytics architecture in Azure

We can help you implement a modern data analytics architecture in Azure. Use the Azure Cloud to build an architecture tailored to your data analysis needs.

Qualify, forecast, define and create the target architecture and implementation of Azure Data services. Modernization of DATA architecture. Data Warehouse (DW), Data Lake, Big Data, AI.

This offer for : Implementing a Data platform requires determining the ingestion, storage, provision and analysis services best suited to the organization's needs. Challenge the different possible architectures to propose the best combination of Data Azure services. Deploy and configure end-to-end services. Provide activity monitoring tools (log analysis, service monitoring). With this offering, you can qualify services according to storage requirements, data volume and type. You'll also be able to forecast short-, medium- and long-term trends. You'll be able to define the target architecture and implement the associated Azure Data services. Not forgetting the creation of Power BI dashboards for business management.

Assessment : of your data analysis needs and identify relevant data sources.