HCLTech Smart Assets Solution: 1-Day Workshop

HCL Technologies Limited.

Digital Service Platform for Connected/ Smart Assets, A cross-industry Connected Assets Solution

HCLTech Smart Assets Offering (powered by PICASSO) offers to design an integrated connected platform that provide real-time operations and services around the asset. It allows connect, manage and ingest large volume data from the assets and surrounding ecosystems. The automated AI/ML engine enables to process, analyze and visualize the data in real time.

A brief on HCL Smart Assets Solution? Digital Spine – Platform for Purpose - A connected digital platform for your connected applications and service - Cloud native & microservices based open platform - Built-in High availability & Redundancy by design One-touch deployment Connected Application Operating System - Digital building blocks for connected assets-based business transactions - Extendable patterns to create powerful custom features - Common Data Model for creating custom yet versatile data structure Enterprise grade Cloud/IOT/AI Platform - Azure Platform Cost effective serverless architecture - E2E management of asset lifecycle management along with an intelligent edge

Business benefits - Speed-To-Market of as-a-service and software/connectivity/data-led revenue streams - On-board newer business solutions leveraging the extensible open architecture - Always-On solutions by virtue of scalable and robust Digital Backbone

Key Features - Flexible deployment models (as-a-service / hosted) with automated one-touch deployment - Pre-built functional and core modules to enable quick roll out of new services and applications - Abstraction to ensure seamless working of the business layers by insulating the complexities of the underlying technology infra - Extensive library of Data Engineering, Analytics, Machine Learning for analytics and visualizations to action-driven AI

Key Elements - Built on Azure Cloud with an Intelligent, secured, and scalable digital backbone - Azure native & microservices based platform - Intelligent actions & predictive insights using Azure AI/ML - Strong partner Eco-System