HCL Azure Managed Services delivery : 1-day Briefing

HCL Technologies

HCL ElasticOps is one-stop SLA driven Azure managed services offering envisioned for monitoring, reporting & managing alI IaaS & PaaS hosting across customer applications workload efficiently

HCL Managed Services 1 Day Briefing would include details on our comprehensive framework around monitoring & managing the IaaS and PaaS, whether on-premise, public/private or Hybrid Cloud, helping customers offload their complex landscape management challenges tp smart and analytical management and reporting approaches.

Our ElasticOps Services for Azure is based on best in class options to suit workload needs, Comprehensive Azure security and cost management, Best Practices, Governance, Policies, Blueprints, On-shore and offshore need. Briefing will include details around the HCL's ElasticOps AI driven Cloud Managed Services validated by Microsoft as an Expert MSP and will help customers with understanding of the below.

  1. How the solution helps in implementing industry recommended best practices to maintain cloud infrastructure

  2. How HCL ElasticOps simplifies cloud operations, safeguards cloud environment from threats & reduces operational overheads

  3. How it performs all the heavy lifting and unburdens the customer from unpredictable monthly costs

  4. How HCL ElasticOps provides an integrated and customized suite of services to achieve enterprise class scalability, performance, and availability with a focus on innovation.

The briefing will provide details on how HCL’s certified resources with an in-depth understanding and proven track record of delivering cloud solutions specifically positioned to design, execute, and manage a comprehensive cloud strategy, can help customers realize various short term and long term benefits such as:

Outcomes targeted for business value & strategic objectives as

  1. Multi rapid-cloud deployments configured and managed specific needs and budgetary goals

  2. Reduced, or restructured costs with a pay-as-you-go cost model to enable scalability and agility

  3. Enhanced performance by freeing resources

  4. Enhanced Security & compliance Capabilities for seamless Operation

  5. Solutions from Strategy & deployment to Support