XR Art of Possible -Workshop - 4 Hours

Hexaware Technologies

Hexaware’s workshop enables organizations to understand how immersive technologies like AR, MR, VR, Smart Glasses/HMD, Hololens 2 & Computer Vision can help them to stay ahead of the competition.

Hexaware’s XR/HoloLens Services on Azure offering helps organizations to get started on a broad spectrum of (XR) Extended Reality/Vision technologies with Azure cloud services. Hexaware’s deep enterprise expertise with Azure Cloud has enabled number of customers to onboard XR technologies to disrupt in their respective market space.

Our Art of possible workshop enables you to understand the possibilities of this technology and how it can help digitally leapfrog to stay ahead of the competition.

The workshop provides a deep dive into the world of XR, leveraging the power of cognitive and compute services on Azure and helps organizations to plan actionable next steps in getting started.

Agenda for Extended Reality (XR) deep dive session

Introduction :

  • Introduction to Extended reality
  • Extended reality technology landscape
  • Market trends and emerging experience technologies
  • How XR can enable organizations across stakeholders and process lines in deriving business value

Deep dive session :

  • A deep dive on each of the Extended Reality technologies and how it applies to businesses, to deliver business outcomes.

    * Augmented Reality 
    * Mixed Reality 
    * Virtual Reality 
    * Virtual environments 
    * Smart Glasses 
    * Head Mounted Displays  
    * Microsoft HoloLens 2 
    * Computer Vision powered by Azure cognitive services 

Demo and further steps :

  • Showcase related demos of all the aforesaid technologies
  • Microsoft Azure services for XR
  • XR methodologies
  • Setting up for scale
  • Getting started – Best practices
  • Identifying opportunities to disrupt
  • Discussion on possible and potential scenarios, use cases & expected outcomes
  • Next steps
  • Wrap up 

Learn more about Hexaware at http://www.hexaware.com