Data and Infrastructure assessment


HTG's assessment service offers you a bespoke, comprehensive IT infrastructure review that helps plan and prioritise your workloads for Azure cloud migration.

Our Data and Infrastructure Assessment Service provides a complete breakdown, including pricing options, areas of concern and next steps. The process runs in three stages over a 4-8 week period: in-depth audit, data analysis and strategic reporting.

In-depth Audit and Data Analysis Discovery scans of all Virtual Machines/Databases including physical servers and desktops AVD scenarios are involved

Coverage: • Windows Server • SQL Server • Linux • OSS DB

Collection & Analysis • A comprehensive discovery of the customer’s existing VM, databases and all physical servers (Win Server, SQL Server, Linux, and OSS DB) • Relevant performance data and utilisation such as CPU, network, RAM, disk, and storage • Collect desktop inventory if AVD is the scope

Strategic Reporting The report delivers Insights, analysis, recommendations for moving to Azure/Azure Virtual Desktop documented with: • Executive summary, cloud readiness ratification and prioritisation of workloads to move to Azure • Customer business objectives • 3-5 years; TCO analysis • Cost-benefit for different migration options, including AHUB/RI benefit • Bespoke Azure/AVD Migration Plan • Recommendations on next steps for the customer, including post-sales programs (AMP, FTA)

Value add for customers is leveraged by creating a clear understanding and defining an IT strategy to accommodate the demands of business units and digital transformation streams. Customers get to know how to transform IT to the elaborated IT target landscape, especially regarding integrating Microsoft Azure cloud services. The customer can now justify the launch of a new program and several projects to achieve the vision of becoming a cloud-first business.