IBM Consulting's Data Governance with Azure Purvie

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Data Governance for its key drivers is becoming essential strategic imperative for organizations. IBM Consulting offers framework and implementation for Data Governance journey with Azur Purview.

Data Governance for its key drivers (growth, complexity and distribution of data; meeting regulatory compliance and audits; utilizing data correctly for new opportunities and innovation; controlling your data) is becoming essential strategic imperative for organizations.

Data Governance journey is not out of the box solution and requires bringing together people, process and technology, with vision and structured approach.

IBM Consulting's offering provides a framework and implementation solution for all three aspects (People Process and Technology) of Data Governance journey with Azure Purview as key technology component, by providing:

a. Best practices and services for implementation

b. Reference architecture, starter kit with documentation and end-to-end blueprint for fast implementation

c. Implementation accelerators for customization and cost saving; as well as and persona specific scenario/ use case patterns.

Our delivery process starts with an MVP approach to give our clients immediate value. It includes:

  1. Vision and Discovery Workshop

Brief: Provide an overview of IBM Enterprise Data Governance Framework and Azure Purview Discover: Understand the data ecosystem and identify key business challenges and opportunities.

Final Deliverable: Governance blue print and current ecosystem assessment report.

  1. Minimum Value Product (MVP)

Identify: Define key data governance use cases for value realization.Ì Define: Plan an implementation roadmap and define roles and responsibilities¬ Implement: Architect and build the MVP using our assets and best practices covering people, process and technology.

Final Deliverable: Custom implementation of Data Governance MVP to satisfy defined use cases.

  1. Co-execute

Extend and utilize the framework, adopt the change management and realize business transformation use cases.

Final Deliverable: Roadmap for further extension of the IBM Data Governance Framework