IBM Managed Service for Azure_USA


IBM Integrated Managed Infrastructure services provides a suite of more than 15 customizable services to help monitor and manage your Azure cloud and traditional IT environment.

The IBM Hybrid Cloud Services for managed infrastructure offering consists of a suite of modular, standardized services providing an end-to-end solution for your cloud infrastructure. It fuses existing IT infrastructure with new cloud and software defined capabilities, orchestrating all of it. IBM Integrated Managed Infrastructure is the engine that optimizes, orchestrates, secures, and manages your Azure infrastructure and any on-premise infrastructure location. It enables you to decide what services you need to use and is modular and consumable as a service.

When the consultation workshop is complete, you will have: 1. an overview of the end-to-end services to choose what fits your needs best 2. an understanding of the automation, orchestration, and cognitive capabilities built into the IBM service 3. an understanding of the world-class support and service available to you 4. an estimate of the overall costs and benefits a recommendation for the due diligence next steps to move forward