Modern App with Kubernetes 1 Week Assessment

IFI Techsolutions

Migrate your legacy applications to modern serverless and microservice architecture for a highly available, secure and scalable user experience along with automated deployment and management.

IFI Techsolutions is a born in cloud  Microsoft Gold Partner  and Cloud Solutions Provider .

Our experienced Consultants and Architects work closely with you to provide a well-developed POC. We take an incremental approach to transforming legacy systems. We also draw from experience of helping our global clients successfully modernized their applications, avoid common pitfalls, implement best practices and developing a Cloud Roadmap to fuel your future growth.

Modernize, Monitor & Scale your application using Azure Kubernetes Services.

1 week Assessment Agenda:

Phase 1: Engagement Planning and Cost Modelling

  • Kick-off meeting, review of your current processes and finalize the scope of POC.
  • Identify 1 app for POC.
  • Share cost estimate for POC and explaining cost model.

Phase 2: Environmnet Configuration

  • Provision Azure Subscription for POC.
  • Creating & configuring an AKS environment.
  • Setting up the database for POC.

Phase 3: Implementation of POC

  • Migration of application to container-based architecture.
  • Validation Testing of application on AKS.
  • Solution demo with your app and microservices architecture.
  • Discussion on Cloud Roadmap for your organisation.


  • Application architecture.
  • Solution document.
  • Azure Cost Estimate for Production deployment.
  • Cloud Roadmap based on POC which includes TCO, cost savings, ease of management, improvement in performance, and ease in modernizing your application.
  • Experience first-hand benefits that containerization provides in terms of environment provisioning, automated testing, deployment etc.