Better AI with Enterprise CDP - Workshop

Ignitho Technologies

This 2-hour CDP strategy workshop helps you develop a clear AI roadmap by assessing the gap between your current data integrations landscape and the desired architecture & milestones for the CDP

The first step of an AI roadmap is a robust CDP backed by a resilient enterprise data fabric to ensure that the right insights are generated and utilized in a timely manner However, the AI and CDP charter is often adversely affected because technology and data integration priorities take precedence over insights generation and implementation. In this workshop, we will start with a conceptual blueprint (see attached) of a CDP to address various elements such as core data store, dashboards, AI modeling, insights implementation, & governance. Then we will push one level higher into the roadmap of BI and AI capabilities to be developed. As a result, we will systematically review the AI charter and prioritize both data and technology integration requirements. We will leverage Microsoft Azure and a host of other complementary technologies such as Power BI, Domo integration adaptors, etc. At the end of this workshop, you will have a clear implementation roadmap at a high level on how to use Microsoft solutions to build a successful CDP.