App Modernization "Smart Start": 2-Hr Workshop

InCycle Software

Private working session with Senior Azure Architects and custom agenda to match your cloud objectives.

Designed for customers seeking to migrate and modernize one or more apps on Azure, only aren't clear where or how to start. For example, perhaps your team is debating strategy, or the best azure service to achieve your goals. IaaS or PaaS? App service or containers? Data Lake, Data Factory or Data Warehouse? In context of your scenario, InCycle's senior cloud architects will review your challenges and provide recommendations and suggested next steps. Select customers may qualify for a no cost solution assessment.


  1. Modern Software & Azure
  2. Industry Benchmarks
  3. Top 5 Modernization Strategies
  4. App Portfolio Review
  5. Business Objectives
  6. Recommendations and Next Steps
  7. Q&A

Depending on the topic, participants and overall objectives, InCycle will collaborate to define an agenda that best matches your goals and delivers the most value. Sessions can range from 90-120 minutes.

LOCATION: Sessions are delivered remotely (online) by senior architects and consultants. For more formal sessions, Microsoft MTCs are great options. Finally, on site visits are possible for bigger groups or strategic discussions.

PARTICIPANTS: Who should attend this briefing? IT/Business managers, Product Managers, Enterprise Architects, Lead Developers and other SMEs to match your challenges and goals.

In short, if your team has a unique challenge ahead, a Smart Start introductory session (up to 2 hours) will separate fact from fiction, establish project direction and a foundation for success.

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