Virtual Data Center: 2 wk Implementation

Innofactor Norway

Azure - Virtual Data Center is a pre-configured Azure landingzone built with Infrastructure as code. The datacenter is secure and governed by design, and implemented from Innofactor code libraries.
WHAT ARE THE KEY DELIVRABLES: Scaffold of the Virtual Datacenter, governed with best practices - Overview of the Virtual Datacenter Architecture - Governance and Policy Documentation and Workshops - Define and Review desiF decisions for implementation - Establish Organizational specific Governance and controls. Focal Points - Subscription Hub/Spoke topology - Governance Definition of Account Provisioning - Definition of Hierarchy Management and Billing-Structure - Definition of Subscription Controls - The distribution of responsibility between Dev and Ops in a development scenario - Role Based Access control structure Behavior driven management leveraging Azure Policy - Resource and Environment Management - Azure Services and SKU Management - Data placement, Storage Encryption - Definition of Naming conventions - Definition of a Tagging Scheme Virtual Networking Architecture - Segmentation Schema - IP Addressing Plan - Traffic Flow - Implement a site-to-site VPN to one on-premise location - Storage solution for diagnostic and backup data - Audit trail for Hub Resources - Centralized instrumentation, telemetry and monitoring - Implement Azure backup solution for IaaS Virtual Machines - Definition of Resource compliance and Auditing - Definition of Cost Control - Provisioning VMs to enable extension of existing Azure Active Directory to Azure Datacenters