ADS Foundations: 5-wk Implementation


Best-practice architectural design and implementation of your Azure Data platform

This foundational offering allows your organisation to fast track to a modern data platform, establishing the scaffolding for data ingestion, transformation, storage, machine learning and analytics.

Our two-phase approach incorporates an assessment and design phase to ensure your business and data requirements are well understood, prior to executing the implementation phase.

Phase 1 : Analysis and Design To fully understand your current data strategy, security posture and target state goals, Insight will conduct a brief series of targeted workshops with your relevant stakeholders covering:

• Security principles and risk assessment • Risk mitigation strategies • Azure data services networking and security foundations • Identification of a key analytics use-case as a pilot for the data platform implementation • Governance and cost control

The workshops will result in the development of a tailored Solution Design document for your new Azure Data Platform, including the services, controls and security measures required to uplift your organisational maturity and capability while designing for extensibility, performance and scalability.

Phase 2: Implementation The best-practice design will be executed in both the nonproduction and production environments, incorporating the selected Azure services and controls which adhere to key data platform functionality and security risk mitigation recommendations.

• Deploy and configure the core Azure services to get your data platform up and running quickly. • Implement a range of security controls to ensure your corporate data is fully protected. • Establish a foundation for efficient ongoing development through the use of DevOps principles and services. • Validate permissions and access controls to confirm the right data will be visible to the right people. • Deployment of additional value-adds including a data processing framework and consolidated platform health reporting.

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