Performance & Learning Utility for Synapse-4wk Imp


Learn Synapse best practices, identify opportunities for database optimization, execute recommended changes and reduce hourly usage costs.

Insight’s Performance and Learning Utility for Synapse (PLUS) offers an accelerated path to powerful insights with Synapse. Deploy PLUS to quickly and effectively analyze your Synapse database, collecting and tracking historical attributes related to primary tables, procedures and definitions. Based on the data collected, recommendations are generated, with details on current state and reasoning for the proposed change. Database administrators will be able to review, apply, or ignore recommendations, and also allows changes to be tracked and saved when a recommendation is applied.

Schedule of deliverables: Week 1: Installation of Azure Synapse Utility Week 2 & Week 3: End-to-end tuning of one Synapse database or schema Week 4: Code review and best practices