Business Process Validation Framework : 5 wk implementation


Improved confidence in your modern data platform with rapid business process validation

Business challenge Many business-critical processes are reliant on data that spans multiple business platforms and technology ecosystems. As business processes change, conducting validation and reconciliation checks on business data becomes a complex, resource-heavy challenge that is generally owned by an organisation’s data engineering team.

Traditionally, validating the data behind business processes is an ad-hoc and non-repeatable process requiring multiple iterations over an extended period before business owners begin to see value from the data. This makes it difficult for businesses to quickly validate data integrity when faced with time-sensitive deliverables such as audits and compliance reporting.

How we help Insight’s Business Process Validation Framework fast tracks the creation and maintenance of business process rules within your modern data platform and provides repeatability for future use cases. Built on Microsoft Synapse SQL, and leveraging Microsoft Log Analytics and Azure App Service, the solution automates the validation process, making it easy for business users to set up rules in a development environment, obtain feedback and rapidly productionise the changes. This allows the business to quickly adapt without relying on a data engineering team.

Our team of data specialists will guide you through a five-week engagement to deploy a new business process validation Framework in a modern data platform as well as a high-level solution design for the platform, based on the recommendations and specific requirements.

During this engagement you will receive:

  • Discovery session to identify core business processes and associated data requirements
  • Recommendations for deploying a new business process validation Framework in a modern Azure data platform
  • Development of a high-level business process validation Framework solution architecture design that leverages Microsoft Synapse SQL to align to governance protocol
  • Setup of 2 business rules within the framework.