Connected Edge: 6 Wk Implementation


Manage scaled IoT deployments in the cloud or on premises with Insight Connected Edge. Push out new updates, manage IoT Edge servers, and run advanced workloads in low bandwidth environments.

Insight Connected Edge helps drive, deploy, and manage digital transformation to help you increase production, facilitate tracking, and elevate interaction with smart devices and edge computing.

Edge computing describes any device that processes data on premises. Since edge devices don’t have to send information to the cloud to be analyzed and relayed back to the device, you save time — giving your business agility to respond quicker. You’ll be able to detect manufacturing defects before they reach consumers, pivot quicker to address market changes and react instantaneously to vulnerabilities.

Bringing data closer to home with Connected Edge allows you to optimize your cloud use, ensuring only what’s necessary lives in the cloud. Housing data and compute within an edge device and on premises can reduce cloud consumption, while configuring devices in the cloud streamlines device management.

With the most experienced consultants in the industry, Insight helps your organization most of the IoT, from devices to the platforms that support them.

The implementation of Connected Edge starts with an initial discovery to define required outcomes, success criteria and digital estate planning. Next, we’ll work with you to create a scalable framework thoughtfully designed around existing IoT devices, governance and operations, security, apps and infrastructure. We’ll help your organization and workforce execute and implement a solid security plan, along with a physical rollout strategy. Upon completion, you'll benefit from the rapid integration of multiple technology systems, holistic analytics drawn from various data points, scalability and robust security, real-time notifications, and the support of Insight's IoT device management portal and managed services.

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