App Modernization: 2-4-Hr Workshop


Intellinet experts will meet with your stakeholders to understand a current business challenge to provide insight on best practices.

Many IT leaders and executives are feeling hamstrung by their critical line of business applications that are outdated, no longer meet current business processes, or are constantly at risk of breaking. Moving to modern, cloud-first applications with Microsoft Azure will enable your organization to avoid further technical debt, become nimbler, and enable business agility.

Workshop Agenda:

  • Identify a specific pain point to explore – business challenge or application
  • Discuss competitive landscape
  • High-level discussion of current application landscape
  • Provide overview of application modernization strategies with Microsoft Azure
    • Containerization
    • Microservices
    • Serverless Architecture
    • Distributed Architecture
  • Discuss common roadblocks to app modernization
  • Outline possible approaches for rapid modernization

Benefits & Outcomes: At the end of this workshop, you’ll walk away with a conceptual roadmap of next steps needed to address your business requirements.