Web Application Modernization (EVOLVE): 6-Wk POC


Our 6 week EVOLVE Web App Modernization helps you take legacy web apps into Azure’s PaaS offerings with an "art of the possible" workshop, future state architecture design and a proof of concept.

The Invero Evolve Web Application Modernization solution provides our clients a foundational framework for repeatable best-practice web application modernization.

The first 2 weeks are focused on requirements, enablement and assessment, which inform the 6-week Proof of Concept phase. The overview of the engagement is as follows:

1) Application Modernization Discovery Workshop - Invero will run an enablement workshop that includes whiteboard design and requirements gathering 2) Application Assessment - Microsoft-performed assessment to identify and prioritize the application of choice for cloud modernization 3) Architecture and Design - Invero will define a desired state architecture based on the application requirements determined in the workshop 4) Azure DevOps Implementation - If you don’t currently have Azure DevOps, Invero will implement an ADO environment for CI/CD pipelines 5) Proof of Concept - Invero will work alongside your developers to provide guidance & best practices to implement the desired state 6) Handover and Documentation - Invero leaves you with a working environment in your Azure tenant along with as-built documentation