Invero WVD Enablement: 4-Wk Implementation


Invero's Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Enablement sets your organization up for a modern approach to delivering Windows 10 multi-session to your users from the Cloud.

The Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Enablement solution results in an operational Pilot that will accelerate your WVD goals. The solution combines on-site workshops with analysis of your current virtual desktop requirements in order to develop a comprehensive governance model and rapidly implement a pilot to begin testing and operationalizing your new VDI environment.

The WVD Enablement engagement includes the following:

1) WVD Workshop - A WVD deep dive session to outline product features, capabilities. The workshop will educate participants on how WVD works and will do a deeper dive into the customer’s environment.

2) Alignment of WVD Pilot to your governance - WVD will be setup in accordance with the customers Azure Governance and operational strategy.

3) A WVD Pilot Deployment - A scalable WVD Proof of Concept environment will be setup in the customers subscription which will allow the customer to familiarize themselves with the WVD concepts and management features.

4) WVD Operationalization - WVD operations training will take place to ensure that the customer’s team has the WVD skills readiness to be able to support scaling, security and other WVD operational tasks.

5) Training, coaching and support - Invero will provide WVD commissioning and operational support training of your WVD environment.

Deliverables include:

  • Workshop
  • Working WVD environment that can be used for production workloads
  • Operational Training and Documentation