Secure Score Improvement:6-Months Implementation

IT-Improvement Deutschland GmbH

A Service to help you aggregate your secure scores, review them with our security experts and utilize them successfully as key security metrics for your Office 365 Environment and Azure Subscriptions.

Ever wondered if your Azure and Office 365 are as safe as they should be? Our goal is to help you implement the secure score as a key security metric into your IT processes. The key for a secure environment is constant monitoring and review. To help your company with that, we deploy a custom solution to aggregate the secure scores from the different azure subscriptions as well as the office 365 tenant. These aggregations will then be reviewed by our cloud security experts each month. Finally we have a monthly to bimonthly meeting with your team to discuss potential weaknesses and the required changes. And of course you can use the aggregation tool, to have a quick overview of the different scores.