SQL Performance Optimization 1-Week Assesment

Itadel A/S

Azure SQL, Azure SQLaaS and related applications health check, performance review, and optimization

1 Content The goal of this review is to pin-point possible performance issues, non-optimal configurations, misuse or the lack of system intended to present recommendations based on the data collected, with the intent of mitigating findings if any. Mitigating actions prioritized by impact effort following recommendations handover, hours estimated separately. Azure SQL, Azure SQLaaS and related applications health check, performance review, and optimization fine tunes your Azure SQL services for optimal performance.

2 Steps SQL Server performance data collection, analysis and recommendations of Performance Resources. Furthermore, we pool data gathering.

  • Changes regarding the Performance Agent installation and access to the Performance Tool environment
  • Installations of Itadel Ithana Performance Agents (close to none performance overhead)
  • Normally 2+ weeks of data collection
  • Customer expectations conference Data analysis Analyze the collected data
  • Pin-point possible performance issues or bottlenecks.
  • Are performance issues related to the SQL Server and/or Application design?
  • Are performance issues related to certain user queries or is it a general issue? Recommendations
  • Recommend actions based on the collected data.
  • Deliver findings and recommendations.
  • Next step action plan

3 Cost We estimate normal spend round less than a week to do this review and will be able to do the run-through asap hereafter. Price: Initial investigation until result handover, ranges approx. 20 hrs. Mitigating actions according to separate agreement.

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