Free Pre-audit Azure-based System Overview: 2-Wk Assessment


Get an audit plan after a free 2-week consulting on your software based on Azure

Unleash your system’s full potential with our free pre-audit consultation. Our certified Azure specialists analyze your system and present you with a plan for a future audit. With no investments, you get your system thoroughly examined by our experts to reveal its strengths and weaknesses. It's up to you to decide whether to go with us further or go your own way with a snapshot of your system in a pocket. Worry not: to protect your sensitive data, we sign an NDA.

To get started, our Azure experts engage with your team to clarify your priorities, the issues you are facing, the technologies you are using, and to find the processes we can improve. In parallel we take a look into your system codebase and its environment to use the allotted time efficiently. The whole process takes 2 weeks maximum and consists of 3 stages:

  1. Information gathering: 1-2 days
  • getting Reader access into your system
  • interviewing your team
  1. Analysis: 4 days
  • delving into the system and its environment
  1. Audit plan preparation: 4 days
  • emphasizing the main points discovered in the analysis phase and creating an audit plan

What you get

Itransition’s analysis gives you a better understanding of your Azure-based system's vulnerable points and potential points of growth. At the end of our collaboration, you get a free improvement plan, so you could continue the audit with Itransition or perform it in-house.

Why us

Being a Microsoft partner since 2008, Itransition has a comprehensive portfolio and expertise. We have been working with Azure since its launch, and our team has completed hundreds of Azure-centric projects, ranging from infrastructure setup to multi-faceted on-demand implementations. Itransition works with healthcare, retail, hi-tech, telecommunications, automotive, finance industries, and many more.