Free Azure-based search quality audit (2w assessment)


Discover the current state of your solution’s search and key areas for its potential improvement

Why you need it

The search experience affects your conversion rates directly since users expect your search to be intuitive and display the relevant results instantly. In a similar vein, enterprise search influences workflow efficiency. Unoptimized search functionality results in:
  • User dissatisfaction and drop-off due to irrelevant search results, poor navigation, and long query processing time
  • Excessive spending on Azure services in an attempt to improve search functionality performance
  • The overloaded support team that has to deal with the requests to find products
  • Workflow bottlenecks and downtimes, when employees can’t find the necessary info in time

After a two-week assessment, you will get an insight into the overall effectiveness of your search and ascertain the need for further in-depth analysis. Our experts will inspect:

  • Search results quality - relevance, total found clearness, etc.
  • Overall portal/application performance from the UX perspective
  • Search usability in general - filters complexity, suggestions, etc.
  • Results traceability and easiness of navigation

By analyzing search usage frequency, click-through rates, search refinement patterns, conversion rates, and Azure high-level infrastructural settings we check whether your search functionality:

  • Provides relevant tailored results to user goals
  • Meets industry-level development standards and best UX practices for search interface
  • Has the potential for growth and scalability within your current Azure capacity.

How we do it

Week 1 – Initiation
  1. Eliciting business needs and pain points from you
  2. Accessing the artifacts (HLD documentation, deployment diagrams, current infrastructure, Azure data monitoring and logs, user interaction and feedback data)*
  3. Analyzing search functionality and application requirements

*We sign an NDA to ensure your data safety.

Week 2 – Analysis and wrap-up

  1. Identifying weak spots and areas for improvement
  2. Designing high-level recommendations both from infrastructure and feature perspectives
  3. Documenting the audit results

What you get

  • A comprehensive document with the issues found, their causes and consequences
  • High-level optimization tips for search functionality improvement

Why us

  • Extensive expertise in optimizing search functionality for leading clients across many domains: healthcare, finance, retail, software, hi-tech, automotive, telecom, logistics, etc.
  • 25+ years in business, 3000+ full-time professionals, 1500+ projects, 800+ clients in 40+ countries
  • Microsoft partner since 2008, hundreds of Azure-centric projects
  • Expertise acknowledged by leading industry analysts: Deloitte, Everest Group, Zinnov Zones, Forrester, etc.