Azure Cloud Review - 2 day Assessment


With this service, we offer a custom-tailored analysis for your existing azure environment to ensure security, optimize resources, point out governance potentials, and reduce your costs.

Over the past years, we have acquired a huge amount of know-how and expertise within azure and offer you direct access to our knowledge via this service.

Together with your in-house cloud experts, we analyze and review your current azure workloads to ensure that your solutions are well-performing, security-hardened, and as cost-efficient as possible.

In addition, we have a best practice database within CANCOM Austria, where all solutions are analyzed to fit a proper and secure architecture and also to lower the risk of misbehavior within the configuration.

The assessment is executed remote and consists of the following parts:

Phase 1 - Insights:

  • Get a proper understanding of your cloud workload/solutions to have the correct “big picture”.  
  • Analyze your solutions within the cloud and check the current configuration.
  • Analyze the current set of security parameters
  • Analyze the current set of governance settings

Phase 2 -  Review:

  • Compare the gathered data with the CANCOM Austria best practice database
  • Generate a Report with recommendations and solution changes to improve the current cloud workloads

Phase 3 – Optimization:

  • Handover Report / Documentation and align the next steps

The optimization depends on your requirements and is as flexible as the demands are. We can guide, assist or also directly technically execute the recommendations for you. In addition, we can stick the whole process into a lifecycle and periodically check if your azure environment fits all defined parameters.



The price of € 3.000,- is calculated to have a remote engineer 2 days available and highly depends on what exactly is required.

Please use the contact me button to address your inquiry and a CANCOM Austria sales employee will directly get in touch with you.