Generative AI - Quantify the impact for your organization

Knowit AB

We use our GenAI Enterprise methodology and framework to score how your business will be impacted.

New opportunities provided by Generative AI through Azure OpenAI Models impact enterprises in different ways and affect the required resources and attention to strategic focus provided by enterprise leadership. Knowit’s Generative AI Enterprise Scorecard help provide valuable insight and a quick assessment of impact on your business model, and product and service portfolio.

The introduction of Generative AI technologies such as Azure OpenAI Service and Microsoft 365 Copilot opens opportunities for enterprises to transform their product and service portfolio to utilize and leverage its benefits.

We will prepare an initial analysis of your organisation's key areas, conduct a workshop using our GenAI Enterprise methodology and framework to score how your business will be impacted, and prepare a conclusive report informing you on the extent of management attention and resources required to adequately manage and adapt.

Knowit has created a scorecard that utilizes its combined business and technological expertise to identify the magnitude of impact Generative AI can have across four key areas for your organization. This will help guide you to understand the necessary resources and management attention to navigate the opportunities presented.

This process facilitates Knowit’s Generative AI Enterprise Impact Screening Methodology to help the organization’s leadership identify the extent and importance of Generative AI to its current and potential future activities and value creation.