Azure Application Environment 5 Day Assessment

Kopis, LLC

This Health Check is tailored to your specific business needs. Conducted using a checklist derived from years of experience, providing valuable performance insight of your mission critical systems.

At Kopis, we believe that simple is smart; with our roots in custom development we have regularly managed a myriad of environments within our development center. So many that we created tools to manage them. That was the beginning of our Azure Application Environment monitoring and management process. We have packaged those services into this offering with the goal of providing services to increase performance, decrease costs, and optimize your build, testing and production environments. We also deliver proactive maintenance services—monitoring your systems daily to check your environments, ensuring system integrity and availability. Our expert team and reliable monitoring process assess the overall health of your environments so that we can determine strategies to stabilize and optimize your hardware and software; solving problems before they start and helping you get the most out of your investment. This Health Check is tailored to your specific business needs. We conduct the Health Check using a checklist derived from years of experience, looking for proper configuration’s settings, evaluating audit logs, assessing locks and bottlenecks. The result is a recommendations and findings report giving you valuable insight into the performance of your mission critical data application. As with the SQL Managed Services offering, the Application Environment Management Services provides monitoring, tuning, upgrades and patching, maintenance and health reporting and analysis. Monitoring and updating environment architecture allows organizations the agility to quickly diagnose and mitigate server availability issues handling them similarly to cloud administration.