Data & AI Consulting Services: 3-Months Implementation


Provide data and AI consulting services so that we can setup a modern data platform on Azure for BI, data science, AI. This can be DWH migration/modernization or a greenfield implementation.


We believe in the power of data to enable digitalization and business growth. While technologies such as Business Intelligence or AI and Data Science are highly useful tools for value creation, they are a means, not an end. We always search for the most suitable solution for your situation, data products that will create business value. In this way, we can help you move from traditional reports and dashboards to self-service BI and intelligent applications that make use of technologies such as AI and machine learning. Data governance, which focuses on the organizational and behavioral aspects, is an integral part of our methodology.

What we offer

We always start each project from our logical reference architecture. This reference architecture contains all components that a modern data platform can contain. Depending on the needs and the technological ecosystem of the customer, we translate this step by step into a specific solution architecture on Azure. This include and evaluation of o.a. Azure SQL Databases, Azure Storage, Azure Data Factory, Azure Key Vault, Synapse, Data Lake, PowerBI, IOT Hub, Purview, Stream Analytics, Fabric.


High level Architectural overview Low Architectural design document Azure DevOps CI/CD pipeline with approval process 3 environments ( Development, Test/Acceptance and Production )