Azure App Design and Development: 7-Day Assessment

Langate Corp

Before you start building an application on the Azure platform, you will need a technical evaluation of how your application will perform on Microsoft's cloud platform.

Our App Design and Development Assessment enables you to plan ahead, aligning your app with Azure’s unique cloud offerings for optimum performance.

It helps you see if your app has potential issues, as well as any potential security risks. This assessment can also help you avoid any surprises when it comes time for deployment by providing a roadmap for success.

Let a team of experts help you get started on the right foot by performing an assessment of your current app design and development capabilities.

We'll assess:

  • How far along in the Design and Development process your company is with any existing apps or new projects. We'll provide a list of potential issues that we've seen in other companies' apps when they were in a similar position as yours.
  • How long it will take for your team to achieve full competency in designing and developing apps on Azure (including the time needed for training). We'll also suggest some resources or courses that can help fill any gaps in knowledge or skills.