Cloud Migration & Cost Estimation: 2-Wk Assessment

MAQ Software

*Discover the most efficient cloud migration strategy for your organization, including a cost estimation that empowers you to take the first step in your cloud journey*
MAQ Software has over a decade’s experience in cloud migrations. We will review your current system to develop an action plan that delivers a secure, high-performance Azure Data Infrastructure. Our service covers SQL Databases, Cubes, or SSIS. We provide detailed Azure sizing, cost analysis, and “go” and “no-go” platform recommendations for your existing data architecture. ### Target Audience: * IT Business Heads * Project Managers * Technical Solution Architects ### Activities: #### Week 1 Requirement gathering * Understand business and technical requirements * Review existing architecture, including servers, infrastructure inventory (Dev, Test, Prod), and service inventory (SQL, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS) * Identify basic workload utilization metrics * Review data size, data latency, and reporting latency #### Week 2 Architecture design and cost analysis * Design architecture of future cloud landscape – map existing and future technologies * Analyze cost consumption of existing workloads * Estimate cost of migrating partial or full data workloads to Azure Cloud ### Deliverables: * Assessment report of existing data workloads * Alternate migration strategies with high-level execution roadmap * High-level architecture and associated costs based on data size and other workloads ### Outcomes: * Clear roadmap for data migration to Azure Cloud * Budget and timeline planning for data migration ### Service Scope: * VM * Up to 5 VMs or services (Total vCPU 40, Total RAM: 160 GB) * SQL * Up to 3 databases * Data Warehouse * Up to 3 data warehouses/marts * Pipeline * Up to 5 pipelines (SSIS) * Reporting * Up to 10 reports (assuming reports are sourced from above data assets) * PoCs (if deemed necessary)