Inspire Platform - Modern Manufacturing Analytics Platform

MCA Connect

Consolidate enterprise mfg. data, optimize it for analytics, and make better, more timely decisions

As the labor shortage persists, manufacturers are prioritizing automation and half the world's supply chain forecasts will leverage AI within a year's time. A modern, extensible, curated manufacturing data platform is essential to succeed in this wave of digital transformation and the next. At the same time, manufacturers are struggling to develop their enterprise data strategy and determine where to start due to limited access to resources skilled in data science. MCA Connect has done the heavy lifting for you. Our team of industry experts in organizational alignment, operational excellence, and data science developed the Inspire Platform™ with its extensible manufacturing data model using the full power of Azure Data Services for maximum visibility across your value chain. Inspire Platform™ is ready-made to take advantage of Azure Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, includes pre-built industry standard KPI's and executive dashboards for self-service insights, inspiring new perspectives across traditional silos.

With MCA Connect Inspire Platform™ you can

  1. Break down data silos: Consolidate your enterprise data* across departments, divisions, and business partners into an Azure data model that optimized for manufacturing and supply chain and can easily adapt to your unique requirements
  2. Gain Immediate Insights: Automatically cleanse and curate your consolidated enterprise data for meaningful analysis to uncover patterns across traditional silos via out-of-the-box executive dashboards and self-service analytics
  3. Act with Confidence: Focus on running your business, with less time spent collecting, cleansing, and visualizing data and the assurance of a solid foundation that is optimized for critical insights and decisions facing manufacturers
  4. Modernize and Optimize: Go beyond insights to inspiration with a modern manufacturing data platform that is future-ready to uncover patterns, automate decisions, and continually optimize your operations with the latest innovations in data science *Integration with Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management is included out-of-the-box to unlock the value of your enterprise data, inspire new perspectives, and actionable innovation.
  • Blur the Lines between Planning and Execution: Improve on-time delivery, reduce waste, shape operations w/ near real-time visibility and alignment to demand and past performance across the value chain (control tower foundation)
  • Optimize Inventory: Find out in advance when inventory will be depleted by active sales orders across plants/divisions
  • Increase Customer Retention and Profitability: Spot trends in sales and profitability, get ahead of customer churn, promote and sell more of your most profitable products

And that is just the beginning. As a subscription offering, MCA Connect partners with you on your full analytics journey backed by a team of industry experts, bringing you the latest innovations to compete and win.