Cyber Defense 365: 2-Day Implementation


Bastion and VDI on Azure - design, setup and implementation

Bastion and VDI on Azure - design, setup and implementation Protect your organization’s business data, operational infrastructure and business identity against cyber threats with Cyber Defense 365. Start your journey towards data, infrastructure and identity protection with Cyber Defense 365, an Enhanced Security and Data Protection Service. The design, setup and implementation of your bastion and virtual desktop infrastructure on Azure for the network administration tasks. This is just a step to move forward a more secure posture where Azure with Bastion and VDI is a corner stone. The solution can be enhanced by a full data, infrastructure and identity Audit of 54 questions to identify, detect and devise a plan to eliminate potential risks. The implementation of a tailored plan to update the systems and infrastructure with the latest security offering, best practices and safety/alert protocol and the delivery of the optional Security Best Practices half day Workshop with the internal security and information technology team to pass on our knowledge and get them up to speed The schedule of a quarterly Security Protection Testing and Update service to stay ahead of potential risk complete the service. As a very experienced partner in security projects with several Microsoft competencies Microsys has the knowledge, experience and dedication to protect your data, keep your organization identity secure and safeguard your infrastructure. Cyber Defense 365 is designed to proactively protect your organization and flag potential threats before costly and irreparable damage is done. Learn more: