Integration Framework 365: 1-Wk Implementation


Data Integration Framework 365, a 1 wk Implementation for rapid Logic App Implementation complete of all tools needed to successfully complete, operate and evolve an application integration solution

A Data Integration Solution on Azure in one step

System Application Integration, whatever the scenarios, always requires the development of data flows within the existing processes. This is true both with Data Integration, where ETL platforms are used, as with Enterprise Application Integration tools, where Enterprise Service Bus, microservices or middleware application are chosen. The data flows development cannot be limited to the mere connection of two systems and a few transformation rules. There are vital different issues and critical background situations that must be taken care off.

Typically, they are:

  • If something goes wrong the process owner must be alerted
  • a monitoring system for technical and functional users must be available
  • access grants, paths and addresses should be protected
  • a log system for troubleshooting should be available
  • to limit downtime, deploy procedures must be as rapid and safe as possible

Azure Logic App, the chosen integration platform, does not include all this and without our data integration framework it will have to be developed, debugged and deployed each time.

There is no need to start from scratch each time, our Azure Logic App framework, DIF 365, comes with all these functionalities, common to all integration scenarios, ready for setup.

There is no need to rethink or redevelop. You will be able to concentrate on the central issue, with the framework already set up, and enjoy a very quick start on Azure Logic App. Save a lot of days and effort with DIF 365.


  • a complete integration project, start to finish
  • monitoring and alerting tools
  • designed to be secure
  • with maintenance and deploy tools ready to use