Strategic Cyber Risk Assessment – (90min Sessions)

Milliman LLP

Cyber risk is evolving fast. We can help you evolve faster. Leverage Azure to understand how to mitigate non-financial risks and identify blind spots.

The average total cost of a data breach is now $8.19 million in the US, and $3.92 globally. The purpose of this expert-led assessment and working session is to ready companies, teams, and individuals with an understanding of their cyber risk profile and strategic opportunities. The assessment will:

  • Identify blind spots and hidden dependencies before they become issues
  • Understand how to leverage expensive cyber assessments for risk quantification
  • Challenge BCP/DR, Audit, and Compliance plans
  • Analyze the risk your vendors create by rapidly identifying high dependency relationships
  • Understand how to integrate expert opinion (qualitative) to data (quantitative) for the complete picture
  • Aggregate and analyze your data on Azure to quantify your cyber risks

Our unique approach

Instead of using traditional methodologies that are limited to looking for evidence in historic data, Milliman takes a more forward looking, causal approach that includes scanning for emerging threats, understanding the links in your risk landscape and creating a more preventive way to strategically protect your business and your reputation. Utilizing Azure, Milliman helps clients understand the complexities that drive their unique risk profile.

What you will receive - Strategic insights from the Milliman rapid Cyber Risk Assessment - Three (3) collaborative working sessions (approx. 90 min each) - An efficient engagement that yields personalized, actionable strategies

Who should attend

Building a holistic strategy requires input across the C-suite. Executives accountable for Risk, IT, Finance, Operations, HR Legal, Cyber, and other impacted areas are key.

Why Milliman

With over 70 years of helping leading firms quantify their most difficult risks, Milliman is ideally suited to quantify the most important risk to companies. Our proven, causal modeling framework and the stability of Microsoft Azure, are reasons why businesses of all industries are turning to Milliman.