Azure Cloud Optimization Assessment:5-day Workshop

Monocept Consulting Private Limited

Monocept can help you achieve your goals of cost reduction, availability and performance optimization, and management and security improvement.

Monocept will work with you to deploy an assessment tool in your environment, ensure the tool is configured properly, run the tool, and then help interpret and review the results.

About Monocept:

We are a Microsoft Gold Partner of Cloud platform and Application Development. We specialize in solving complex business challenges for our clients through Agile, DevOps & Automation practices.

Goal of the Assessment:

The goal of the assessment is to identify workloads that need to be re-factor or re-architect to take better advantage of the cloud environment.

Our Cloud Optimization/Modernization Assessment will be tailored to your organization and will help you in discovering and analyzing workloads or applications which require modification. 

Our Assessment plan includes:

Evaluation of the applications, workloads and data migrated to the cloud

Identifying workloads and applications that require modification

Recommendation of the best frameworks that will complement your existing plan and enhance its efficiency

Forecasting return on investment and total cost of ownership

Discussion of best practices and competitive intelligence for a tangible cloud roadmap

Meet with the IT staff/ key stakeholders to obtain all credentials required for configuration of the assessment tool

Gain an understanding of your applications targeted for migration and fine-tune cloud configuration