Cloud Managed Services: 3-Wk Implementation


What has been your Cloud Managed Service been? Chaotic? Cumbersome and not outcome driven? NCS is dedicated to offering Azure Cloud Managed Services that are tailored to client’s unique environment.

NCS Cloud Managed Services provides organizations with Azure cloud design, implementation and cost-optimization for their ecosystem. Our offering includes building, operating, monitoring and maintenance of Azure resources and Azure services; as well as other maintenance and managed backup services for their pre-production, production and mission critical servers, Operating Systems and applications that are hosted in Microsoft Azure.

Service Coverage: • Monitoring services: Implement and manage monitoring of events and alerts and to respond to potential issues impacting performance using Azure-native monitoring services such as Azure Monitor, Application Insights, Container Insights and Log Analytics Workspace as centralised logging and monitoring platforms. • Backup: Implement lifecycle policies for stored backups, machine images and database for break-fix issue and restore the data in case of failure; perform backup and recovery using cloud native tools such as Azure Backup and Azure Recovery Service Vault. • Storage: Configuration and maintenance of Azure Storage services such as Storage Account, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Datalake Storage, etc. • Regular Security Patching: Proactively monitor and manage for software updates, security patches, service releases and version upgrades. • Operation Process and Procedure: Maintain operational documentations.