Cognizant DataMesh with Azure Purview QuickStart: 6 wk impl.


6 week implementation of DataMesh and Azure Purview to unlocks the potential of your organization's data with federated governance.

Today, the #1 investment for organizations is in their analytics & AI initiatives. Despite that, they are struggling to extract value from their data and see any meaningful ROI from these investments. According to a study by New Vantage Partners, the challenge is not the technology. Rather, over 90% cite people and processes as what stands between them and transforming their organizations through data. As companies strive to become data-driven, they can no longer rely only on the centralized and an overwhelmed data-team to provide reliable data to the right person at the right time.

Common challenges to becoming data masters:

  • Failure to scale resources - it is becoming increasingly difficult to integrate and manage growing variety and volumes of data
  • Failure to scale consumers - There have never been more consumers of data and the data teams are finding it hard to keep up
  • Failure to bootstrap - Businesses want to try new uses but the data teams are not able to find the time to get them off the ground
  • The DataMesh architecture brings a paradigm shift by choosing the domain, instead of a monolith, as an organizing principle for data. Such a structure where data is recognized as a product in its own and is to be managed at a domain level, abstracts complexity, creates less friction between data producers and consumers, increases ownership and thereby scales better with higher quality.

    Take the next step to embracing a distributed Data Mesh architectureUnderstand how you can implement, govern and manage a decentralized data landscape and get a roadmap to implement it at scale with our proof-of-concept engagement.

    Our Delivery Process:
    • Assess - Identify business challenges and define key drivers for different data stakeholders. Analyze the current data ecosystem (source/analytical stores, data processing and pipelines, consuming applications etc.)
    • Migrate - Design the architecture and fast-track the development of the Data Mesh data management approach by leveraging Cognizant’s intelligent migration solutions
    • Manage and Govern - Leverage Microsoft Azure Purview and other tools to set-up federated data governance, which includes bringing together the technical metadata, ownership, lineage and business glossary.
    • Review - Socialize insights and provide the roadmap for moving from proof of concept to final implementation
    The engagement price and duration indicated are an estimate, commercials to be agreed based on client requirements and deliverables.