Secure and Compliant Cloud Platform: 4wk Imp


A complete solution to deploy, manage and protect your critical Azure cloud infrastructure - built with security and compliance in mind.

Based on Microsoft best practices and our Azure expertise, Secure and Compliant Cloud Platform keeps your team in the driver’s seat. Cognizant Microsoft Business Group (a member of the Microsoft Information Security Association - MISA) acts as your knowledgeable guide to help implement and manage Microsoft Defender for Cloud and Microsoft Sentinel security platforms, and provides an Azure Landing Zone configured to your compliance requirements – a Microsoft cloud adoption framework based on proven, enterprise-ready blueprints, policies, configurations and templates to jump-start your Azure implementation. Once deployed, we layer in expertise to provide ongoing management, monitoring, threat detection and response services needed to continually maintain and protect your critical cloud infrastructure, applications and data.

CLOUD COMPLIANCE, SIMPLIFIED Whether you are targeting GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPPA, CCPPA, NIST, or another compliance certification, our experts provide composable infrastructure templates to rapidly deploy and configure your primary cloud platform to exacting standards.

MANAGED SOLUTION WITH THREAT DETECTION AND RESPONSE Security experts to manage your solution and continually monitor, detect, investigate and respond to security events, threats and compliance concerns on your behalf, utilizing Microsoft’s advanced security and compliance suite to safeguard your solution.

Benefits: -Reduce audit overheads and remediation activities with Azure solution deployed to the required specification -Deployment of a future ready cloud platform that is secured by design and ready to scale -A cloud native digital blueprint to help you amplify and accelerate business value to your customers using the power of Azure

Offer price and duration are customised based on your requirements. Please get in touch with us to get more information.