AVD Jumpstart: 4 Week Implementation


Cognizant’s AVD Jumpstart, helps you to deploy and manage your Azure Virtual Desktop environment quickly and simply.

Not all applications are web-based or designed to run from the cloud. Many applications still require installation onto Windows. Giving users access to these applications used to be expensive, time-consuming and relied on expensive third-party remote desktop software. Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) mitigates that challenge as Microsoft’s new cloud-native solution for remote desktop and remote applications. It’s built and delivered natively from within Microsoft Azure and best of all, if your organization already subscribes to Microsoft 365 or a subscription-based version of Windows 10, your business is already licensed for it. Because it’s built on Microsoft Azure, your environment can seamlessly scale up or down to deal with user demand. It’s also the only solution which can leverage Windows 10’s new multi-session capabilities, which means you can run more users on the same infrastructure. This makes it significantly more cost effective than competing solutions.

Cognizant’s AVD Jumpstart is available in three editions to get your environment up and running quickly. These deployment options are based on our extensive experience deploying AVD solutions for customers and don’t rely on any third-party software or solutions to deploy. Leveraging our GO/Drivetrain platform, we can deploy AVD into your existing Azure environment, or rapidly deploy a new Azure subscription by leveraging our Azure Launchpad solution.