Azure Cloud Migration Assessment - One Week

Newwave Telecom and Technologies, Inc.

Ready to migrate your on-premise services to the Azure cloud? The certified professionals at NewWave areready to assist your business with all of it's cloud migration needs. Moving to the cloud offers

What will be done in 1-week?

  1. Identify project/business goals, time, and budget constraints
  2. Assess the current state of the client's on-premise services to map dependencies across all applications to determine priority for cloud migration
  3. Explore cloud networking, storage, scalability, and security capabilities to be leveraged in Azure to maintain and improve the functionality of on-premise applications
  4. Identify knowledge gaps within the client company and arrange cloud training sessions
  5. Develop a project transition plan aligned with uninterrupted business processes, current state, and desired architecture
  6. Based on the assessment done, create a detailed plan mapping legacy services to targeted Azure services, calculate the timelines for setting up an environment and configuration to meet the migration criteria inAzure, and add effort estimates


  1. Cost optimization plan enabled by leveraging automation, cloud elasticity, and performing application modernization
  2. Backup and disaster recovery plan with backup process automation plan and data retention policies
  3. Fully detailed migration plan which includes Microsoft Azure resources configuration, timelines, potential risks/challenges, a security assessment of the configuration and current state, and details on how to proceed with implementation