Cloud Readiness Assessment: 2-week Assessment


A two week technical cloud assessment establishing as-is and desired to-be picture through data gathering, interviews and workshops. The service delivers ar short- and long-term roadmap.

Having healthy applications requires a healthy foundation. With A Technica Cloud Readiness Assessment you will get an As-Is assessment of your Azure environment compared against the desird Microsoft Azure best-practices Enterprise Scale Landing Zone To-Be picture. Building a secure, scalable platform that utilizes Azure native services to handle governance, cost monitoring, security and operational efficiency. Use NNIT's workshop approach to map out current environemnt, strategic directions and use the short and long-term roadmap to start with the low hanging fruits to improve your environment while using the full report to navigate the top priorities and dependencies for improving your platform. Through a method of gathering data from the Azure environment, interview style data collection and workshop to explore findings, you will get great insights into your current environment, while the NNIT Cloud Architects will bring in their expertise from the Customer catalogue to bring in more experience from a larger pool.