SIEM and SOAR with Azure Sentinel: 2-Week Proof of Concept

Nous Infosystems Inc.

Stop threats before they cause harm, with Microsoft Sentinel. Experience Microsoft Sentinel and its capabilities in SIEM and SOAR with Nous Infosystems’ 2-week POC.

Nous with over 25 years of product engineering and application development experience has built a strong body of knowledge regarding security. Our experts will help design, experience, and adopt Azure Sentinel to secure your products and applications.

This proof of concept with its tried and tested approach will follow the below agenda:

  • Analysis of existing infrastructure and Azure Subscriptions
  • Jointly define the scope of the POC
  • Configuration and Deployment of Azure Sentinel
  • Create and demo playbooks for automatic detection and notification/remediation of threats
  • Roadmap full-fledged implementation of Azure Sentinel and supporting services


  • Current state assessment report
  • Azure Sentinel configured and deployed within defined scope
  • High-level Azure Sentinel and supporting services implementation roadmap