IoT on Azure Consulting: 4-week Implementation

Objektkultur Software GmbH

Level measurement made easy and efficient: with IoT on Azure

To perform level metering on an industrial scale, the customer is provided with a flexible cloud platform, based on Azure, that can be connected to the existing hardware offering. Utilizing this platform, the customer can in turn offer his customers a comprehensive IoT solution in B2B/B2C environments. Conducting industrial measuring with this IoT on Azure solution entails a variety of deliverables, both for the customer and the customer’s consumer: Customer’s deliverables:

  • handling large volumes of data by connection to a scalable cloud platform
  • new positioning as a holistic IoT solution provider Deliverables of customer’s consumer:
  • efficient process designs due to early display
  • easy application of level metering
  • secure access to telemetry data in real time General deliverables:
  • vision scoping in IoT as well as integration scenarios
  • conception of IoT landscapes
  • implementation of the IoT applications based on Microsoft Azure
  • assistance with the evaluation of data and representation in BI tools and reports
  • development of a mobile web application The consulting service offered here includes both the consulting merit as well as the implementation of the IoT on Azure solution and is estimated at about € 50,000. This figure may vary, depending on the travel to the customer and the scope of the project. During the consulting phase, we will address the issues mentioned above to construct an individual strategy customized to your wishes and needs, that will be implemented accordingly.