Azure - Managed Services : 4-weeks implementation

Orange Business Services SA

Accelerate your time to value and meet your business goals with Orange Business and Managed Services provided by our experts and support team.

Orange Business helps all enterprises, at any point of their cloud journey, beginning with Cloud migration strategy definition, continuing through accelerated migration, design and ongoing optimization for cost and performance. Our Azure certified engineers respond in real-time to incidents automatically raised through our 24X7 Service Desk. Our global expertise in Azure enables us to perform complex Azure changes using Infrastructure as Code to ensure your organization keeps up to date with security and architectural changes. We provide :

• 5 Managed Services Centers • 17 SOCS and 11 CyberSOCs

throughout the world in order to allow your organization to accelerate its cloud adoption, efficiently and securely. We make sure our capabilities meet the highest requirements set by Azure and by your day to day business. Our portfolio takes into account the following services :

• Application Management • Customer Obsession • Solution Design Capability • DevOps Capability • Infrastructure and Application Migration Capability • Security • Next Generation Operations Tools • Service Level Agreements • Optimization • FinOps • DataOps

In addition to these services, Orange Business also provides a Service Reliability Engineer : a resource allocated whose only role is to constantly improve the cloud deployment. He evaluates automation, architectural optimization, best practices drifts and defines areas of concern and required improvement. Our capabilities :

• Cloud Optimization | Constant assessment of environnement through tools and process. Our sole aim is to reduce costs to Customer, without affecting day-to-day stability

• Monitoring | Orange Business uses industry leading tools to manage, monitor and improve your Azure cloud infrastructure, ensuring maximum uptime, rapid incident response and system governance. Next generation monitoring tools allow us to automatically track newly deployed resources, perform anomaly detection to generate insights into workloads. Orange Business can monitor customers IT landscapes for security events that could lead to intrusions or attacks. Azure Services such as Azure Policy detects resources configured incorrectly or intentionally subverted.

• Alerting | Orange Business uses event management to capture events generated from the IT ecosystem and filter them based on priority ruling. This ensures that if an incident is raised a ticket is automatically created on the Service Desk and an Azure certified engineer is immediately called out. By taking this proactive approach to managing systems, OBS can preempt a major incident before it has caused any reputational damage or service outage

• Service Desk | Orange Business uses an incident management service and offers a cloud-based service portal, to provide customer support 24x7. The service portal can create and manage tickets raised by several methods such as phone and email. Incident, Problem and Change Management Orange Business aligns itself with the ITIL framework to provide the customer with incident, problem and change management . Once the incident is resolved, problem investigation can be carried out along with root cause analysis, if appropriate

• Incident & Change Management | Orange Business incident management will firstly diagnose the problem and validate any known workarounds. Problems are tracked through our knowledge DB , and once the problem has been diagnosed and a workaround verified, the problem becomes a ‘known error’, which is then tracked through a Known Error Database (KEDB). This KEDB is used for future incidents to assist in speeding up the resolution process. We also utilize an ITSM tool to track change requests raised by customers. It allows our certified engineers to review, track, evaluate, approve and coordinate the implementation of changes and ensures the change process minimizes service downtime whilst delivering a successful change. For complex changes, Orange will own the change end to end including assessment of the impact and risk of changes in collaboration

• Customer Obsession | A dedicated Service Delivery Manager conducts regular operational committees to analyze incidents, track changes and ensure SLAs are being met